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Haven't updated this journal for a while...  I have some major concerns regarding submissions, So I'll keep this short; Members please read...

1. Please do NOT submit any artwork and such into the Kawaii Crafts folders. These folders are pretty self explanetory, they're for crafts, handmade items and NOT ARTWORK! I cannot stress this enough. Artwork must go into either the appropriate folder or the Harajuku Anime Art folder/s. Please remember, from today, if there are any artwork submissions in the Kawaii Crafts folders, they will be REMOVED FROM THE GROUP.

2.  While we are on the subject of artwork, Please remember ANIME STYLE artwork is only accepted. This includes chibi. So please do not submit just any art style, this group is dedicated to the fashion and pop culture of Japan, therefore also celebrating the uniqueness that is Japan's signature art syle, ANIME/MANGA. This is not a free for all group. This is a group for specific interests, there are plenty other groups out there accepting any art style. I know I sound harsh but I set the rules and I don't think I'm being unfair when I want my group to reflect my love for Japanese culture. So please, adhere to the rules.

3. If you're unsure of where to submit a particular deviation, jusk ask! Since there is a lot of variety of Harajuku fashion styles, you may be unsure as to which folder your submission goes into. I'm always here to help, even if I don't spend much time on HH. So please ask!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact me.


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Welcome to HarajukuHaven!!! Here we celebrate all things Kawaii! From cute crafts, anime artwork, cosplay, Japanese landscape photography to the wide variety of fashion of Harajuku!!!



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Gallery Submission Rules have been Updated (…

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: Submissions into the 'Featured' gallery folder are CLOSED!!! If you submit your artwork here, it will be DECLINED!!!
:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: In order to manage artflow into the galleries, all gallery folders now have a Global submission LIMIT of 3 deviations per day. Read the Haven Rules (… for info on what you are allowed to submit.

When you've accidently submitted to the wrong folder
:bulletpink: Go to your deviation Click on "Edit Deviation".
:bulletpink: Under the list of Groups that your deviation is in, Click the little red 'X' next to HarajukuHaven
:bulletpink: Click "Save Changes". This will remove your deviation from the group so that you can re-submit it into the correct folder.

Other Ways Members Can Contribute
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:bulletpink: Another way of contributing is to donate prizes to winners of future contests, from art requests to subs or points, nothing is too big or small. :D
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EvilUsagi Mar 16, 2014  New member Professional Filmographer
Thanks for adding me :) can't wait to see all the Kawaii and beautiful work :) Hope you will like mine .. thanks again ..
EmeraldSora Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
You're Welcome! :D :D
Thank you for accepting me! :D
EmeraldSora Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
You're very welcome!
(and sorry for the insanely delayed reply...^^;)
MizoMizore Feb 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hello owo
I am new to harajuku fashion and I was wondering if maybe someone who knows more about it can answer a question I have? .w.
There's a certain style of fashion I always see around that people call harajuku style but Its not really associated with any of the main/popular categories. I was wondering if anyone knew what style this would be considered? :………
EmeraldSora Mar 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Firstly, SUPER SORRY for the delayed reply!

I know a little bit about a little bit of Harajuku Fashions. And, as you can see in the group, there are many different fashion styles and trends. But sometimes people mix different styles to make it their own.
I suppose anything 'cute' or 'anime' looking can be considered as 'Harajuku Style' to those who are unfamiliar with the variety of fashions in Harajuku, like the first picture you linked to. But, after dong a bit of research on the images, the first image is probably a form of 'pastel-goth' mixed with casual style.
As for the other two pictures, they're more on the 'Decora' style side...
But like I said, I don't know THAT much about the styles, since there is a bit of a variety so it's a little hard for me to keep up. But I hope this helped, I'm sure if you googled the terms I've mentioned, like pastel goth, you might find some more information about it. ;)
MizoMizore Mar 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You helped a lot, thank you! :hug:

I never knew pastel goth was a form or harajuku fashion .-. I thought it was a western one.
I think I will defiantly be looking up the casual style fashion because I think that was the style I was trying to think of, I never knew that was a style either ^^" ( my only knowledge of it is stuff I have read on tumblr and have watched on Kawaii International but they only really cover the main fashions.)

Looking at the two last pictures now they defiantly do seem decora, I never really noticed all of the acessories until now ^^' , If you don't mind me asking another question, would Kimura U be a decora fashion model too then?... : or I think she may be Fairy Kei .-.
EmeraldSora Mar 25, 2014  Student General Artist
You're very welcome! To be honest, I never knew about pastel goth either, lol ^^;
Hmmm I think Kimura U models a mixture of Fairy Kei and Sweet Lolita judging from the tumblr pics ( also looked her up on pinterest)
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